Reason For Soil Pollution

Reason for soil pollution

Soil pollution occurs when the soil encounters foreign chemicals and other pollutants. This type of pollution is often associated with industrial activities that extract agricultural and land resources, runoff, pesticide use, oil spills, acid rain, improper sewage treatment, and improper waste disposal.

People and wildlife can therefore become ill through direct contact with contaminated soils, or by secondary contamination via polluted groundwater or consumption of food grown in contaminated soil.

For example, a recent study reported how soil pollution has left medicinal plants toxic to humans in countries like Botswana; Ghana; and Mali, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Improper disposal of electronic waste (or trash for short) is a particularly serious form of soil pollution. Because electronics contain toxic heavy metal contaminants that are expensive to recycle, discarded electronics typically end up in landfills. Here, the open burning of electronics and other materials releases the toxic compounds into the ground, as well as air and water, from where it also accumulates in the environment.

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